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Re: oem-config for Debian

On Mon, Jul 6, 2015 at 5:20 AM, Afif Elghraoui wrote:

> I'm a fairly new contributor to Debian and I have some interest in making
> Debian more friendly to regular users.


> One of the things I thought would be helpful would be to have something like
> Ubuntu's oem-config tool [1] for Debian. It's also been asked for on a
> Debian user forum [2]. I think it would be a nice way to be able to set up a
> computer for someone and can point out to them where they can find help and
> support, how to report bugs, where to find documentation for packages, and
> other things like that when they turn on their Debian computer for the first
> time. This, in addition to allowing them to set up their own user account,
> time-zone, and such.

That sounds useful.

Unfortunately we don't have any proper way to do generic images or OEM
installs at this point in time, everything we have now (live images,
cloud images) is basically very hacky. You might want to read my mails
over the years about this:


Personally I think that to do this properly, there would need to be
changes to dpkg, apt, debootstrap, debian-installer, debian-live,
debian-cloud, QA stuff and many of the packages with maintainer

> I don't know if Utnubu is still active

Utnubu is no longer active, please check out this:




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