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Re: Volunteer to do automatic testing upgrades from Squeeze to Wheezy?

[Rick Thomas]
> I also missed Peter's first post.
> I've got some leisure time and a small cluster of machines (ppc,
> x86-64, and arm) I've dedicated for testing, so I can run Peter's
> script or some variant, or I can help with making jenkins better.
> Should I get started there by contacting Hloger (I've cc'ed him on
> this email)? Or is there a better way to get started?
> Enjoy!

My script was just a quick hack without any sensible way to publish the
result, while the jenkins stuff is a lot nicer.  Thus I believe it is
better to improve the jenkins setup than to spend time on my scripts.
There are fragments in my script that should be moved to the jenkins
setup.  For examle, I believe it would be better to use tasksel to
install packages in the chroot, to simulate the installer more closely.

Note that it is possible to run the jenkins scripts fairly standalone,
if you want to develop them. :)

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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