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Re: Volunteer to do automatic testing upgrades from Squeeze to Wheezy?

[Ronoaldo José de Lana Pereira]
> Hello Petter,
> I missed your first post, but I can perform the upgrade-test in your script.
> Furthermore, how can I help with the testing of the desktop itself?
> Do you mean by testing it manually? What is the better aproach this
> time: test the RC from d-i or a daily snapshot?

I suspect the best way to help now is to assist holger in making
<URL: http://jenkins.debian.net/ > better.  It could for example be
extended to install and upgrade a squeeze desktop to wheezy, and
compare the set of installed packages if installing directly in

The package freeze make it harder to address the many usability issues
in Debian (as in iceweasel failing to display text/plain inline,
iceweasel not being able to install plugin packages automatically,
etc), which need changes in one or more packages), but these should be
looked at for wheezy+1.  I guess using and testing the desktop early
is the only way to improve these things. :)

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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