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Re: The status of desktop-base in wheezy

Am 22.06.2012 um 10:51 schrieb Adrien Aubourg:

> I can totally understand the frustration of aeveryone here. If it comes to a 
> vote (public or not), be sure that I will accept the result, whatever it is.

If you think a vote would have been a fairer and more respectful way to decide about the artworks and the artists who created them - well it's in your hands now and in your hands alone. You are the only one who is able to demand a vote, because it is your artwork they are using.

And obviously there would be time enough (see Adam Barratt's mail from June 22nd, 09:19) as long as the d-i gets a nice picture in time before the freeze (see Joey Hess's mail from June 22nd, 11:44).

Just packaging something doesn't make it right.

> I don't want to be an element of misunderstanding or disfonction of the desktop 
> choose process.

Yes, me too. But obviously the "processes" here keep pushing us into roles we don't want. Paul writes he doesn't want to be a dictator, but unfortunately he's acting like one - a "benevolent" one, if someone likes that better. I put a lot of time into the work here and wanted to be supportive, but obviously I am not and I am not liking that either. So I will now stop making "noise" here. A relief for everybody including me ;-). 

Without someone with the power to push it, there will be no vote. There are still people who like to have it happen. But I doubt they can get it accomplished, now that the "technical crew" took over and is running things as they think they must.  

Either way I withdraw my own proposals. They didn't get picked by Paul anyway so it's not a big deal. And if there is a need for alternatives or theme packages, there are still enough good choices. But the whole process made me feel disrespected and I don't like that. Sorry guys. Don't want to be a poor loser but as I see it the game has no rules and needs to be fixed.

best wishes

PS: "It will be fixed next time" didn't work last time.

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