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Re: The status of desktop-base in wheezy

On Thu, 2012-06-21 at 22:29 -0400, Paul Tagliamonte wrote:
> Again, if you want to take this over, please do. If you don't please
> let me do my work without being harassed as if I'm some dictator.

Hi Paul, I just want to add, that I didn't intend to make you personally
responsible for the way it went. (Especially after I have red your
replies. I didn't see them before I wrote my feedback to your yesterday

I'm very happy, that you decided to step in to get at least one default
theme done before the next freeze.

I myself didn't see the request for someone to take over the organizing
for a vote. (Maybe it was posted before I joined the desktop list.)

It's a very long time until we get close to an other Debian version.
Even if I want to help out next time, I'm unable to plan this long

Therefore I can't tell if I will be available then. I just know we need
to improve the process for developers as well as for designers. We as
group should be able to learn from our experiences.

If I was aware that there was nobody to care for an in time voting I
might have been able to step in, but I didn't know.

For sure we could prevent something like this by just putting a note on
the wiki page for the collection of the theme proposals at least if the
originally responsible team member is leaving. This way we at least
would know, that things can't turn out the way they were supposed to if
nobody steps in...

Anyway, I'm on Ulrich's side, if it comes to a public vote. Especially
because he claims to be able to get everything done in time

I think his proposals have set a new level concerning quality and
completeness. Therefore he was my role model for doing proposals and I
even used some of his files to get my proposals done. So I think we
should allow him to do, what he has offered to do...


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