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Re: The status of desktop-base in wheezy


Am Freitag, den 22.06.2012, 10:37 -0400 schrieb Paul Tagliamonte:
> I've talked with the author just before this email, and I have him
> control. He noted that it was not as well recieved as some of the other
> themes, so the ink-splat in unlikely to be default.
> It was just the one I (personally) liked the most, but as it stands,
> it's unlikey to be that way for release.
> See? I'm not so crazy :)

Glad to hear it :-)

Seriously, I didn't think you are crazy -- I think it's a good thing
that you took charge at this point, but I think it is not so good for
the Debian desktop effort that you had to do it. If one looks at OS X,
Windows 8 or whatever, design is a major part of their effort, and
that's for a reason. The first impression counts for a lot.



Michael Below <below@judiz.de>

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