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Re: The status of desktop-base in wheezy

Hi Paul,

you wrote on debian-desktop about the coming desktop-base theme:
> I'm thinking of using the ink-splat as the default background, and the
> plain swirl in other places, and the unbranded grandiant (or perhaps the
> logo moved to a corner?) for the login screens.

Please reconsider the "ink splats". I think this is one of those ideas
that look good for five minutes, but not for two years, just like the
rocket last time.

You said you chose the "Joy" theme because of:

> >  a tasteful, understated and classic
> >  look, something that both identifies as Debian while still maintaining
> >  an air of professionalism. 

The theme in total fits to this description, but that variant with the
ink doesn't. Such ink splats transport a young, lively, fun,
non-conformist image, but they are not understated, tasteful etc. And I
agree with you that a default image that is installed for everyone for
two years should be tasteful, classic and so on.

By all means, the ink splats should be one alternative, but they
shouldn't be the default... (I think Logo #11 or #12 fit your
description best, but as long as there are no ink splats it's fine with



Michael Below <below@judiz.de>

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