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Re: The status of desktop-base in wheezy


Am 22.06.2012 schrieb Franz Gratzer <franz.gratzer@fsfe.org>:
> [...]
> Even if I myself like the clean, minimalistic look of Joy, I can't say
> that I feel my work is valued or my effords respected.

I understand your disappointment but there is nothing we can do.
It's simply to late. We should appreciate, that Joy probably satisfies
most users (more than Spacefun probably did). 

> Additionally I wonder how you plan to escape the problems of the
> actual background image with cropped of parts leaving the design less
> than optimal. As good and calm as a centred layout looks: It's
> symmetric stability is obviously destroyed by cropping it on the
> right or bottom...

I think you misunderstood something.
Most Login Managers (if not all) give the possibility, to center an
over-sized image, and crop it symmetrically. 
Joy (and also Roj) work well with with this process.
Joy is even a more prefect candidate, since it's in SVG format and has
nothing in the edges that could be cropped off.
> I have nothing against you or your work Adrien. I'm happy, that your
> minimalistic and clean proposal got picked and I hope you can find a
> good solution for all use cases.

There won't be problems, see above. 

Best regards,


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