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Re: The status of desktop-base in wheezy

Am 22.06.2012 um 06:51 schrieb Andreas Berger:
> if everyone gets to name one theme, isn't there the danger of everyone naming 
> themselves and every theme getting 1 vote? how about everyone submitting an 
> ordered ranking of themes or something? (just a spontaneous idea)

Sorry, you obviously didn't get the rest of my message (wasn't quoted by Paul):

I suggest to make this poll immediately known to ALL Debian user-communities and blogs.

I also suggest to give this to the press.

---> This means: All developers and users get a vote. Not one maintainer. Not a bunch of artists. Everybody. Anyone who likes to send us a mail about it.

> i mostly want to say i agree with you and i share your frustration. you 
> obviously were one of the most active contributors to this process. i think 
> there is really a bit of a developer vs non-developer communication failure 
> going on here.

I agree completely. But this really can be done. The number of additional artworks that have to be done for the package isn't that great. I already did a complete theme a couple of times and this means EVERY picture needed and correctly configured in desktop-base including theme files for plymouth, grub2 and so on. I also can get time off from work for that. I have no problem to do that for the winner theme. And I really don't think it would take me four days. 

I would also suggest to put additionally two alternatives from the contest into the package, like we did last time. I don't think all the leftovers from the last versions should remain in the package.


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