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Re: The status of desktop-base in wheezy

On Thu, Jun 21, 2012 at 8:45 PM, Ulrich Hansen <uhansen@debianart.org> wrote:
Am 22.06.2012 um 04:00 schrieb Paul Tagliamonte:

Sorry, this wasn't the case. I was complaining about the lack of change
on debian-devel, got told to do it, prepared the changes, asked the
current maintainers, pushed the changes and notifed everyone.

Well, thanks for notifying. A lot of people here were waiting for a vote. Just read this list.
I know it's kind of a developer thing to want things get done and I respect that. 

But the people here (including me) are mostly non-developers, they were doing their artwork and some put a lot of time into it. I would have expected that this work would be judged in a fair manner, with a discussion and pros and cons and finally a vote. And not to be notified in a hurry by somebody who just was tired of waiting.

I totally understand your POV. I've been involved in more art/desktop projects/communities than I can remember, and I still haven't seen one single project where the work of their contributors has been judged in a fair manner (or valued, for what it's worth).
If this is not up to your standard, please hold a vote, revert my
patches, update the package and upload it.

Yes, I would like to do that. 

I suggest to vote on this list. 

I suggest a timeframe of five days. So voting ends Tuesday, 26th of June, midnight.

I'd also love to have something to say about this whole process, but the reality is that we have only 9 days left to freeze. A five day timeframe for voting leaves us only four days to prepare everything and upload.

It's just not doable...

As much as I hate that it has to be done like this, there's no other realistic option atm, IMHO. And maybe there's a lesson learned, and we try to be more proactive next cycle.

I suggest that everybody who is interested how Debian 7 will look like, can participate in that vote. So that means the poll is open for users.

I suggest everybody has one vote and writes the name of the favored proposal into the subject line of his mail.

I suggest to make this poll immediately known to all user-communities and blogs.

I don't particularly want this role, I just want a new default and
decided to *help*.

We all want a new default. And everybody here tried to help.

because we have *9* days before freeze. That's *9* days to do all
major changes.

That means:

write a theme for KDM, Ksplash, GDM, Plymouth, Splashy, GRUB, Migrate
everyone else (filed two bugs earler against SLiM & ldm-themes) off
spacefun, test it, and upload it.

This is not so much work. I have helped the last time to do it. I am volunteering to do it now.

If by this every Debian user gets to vote over the picture they will look at the next two years, that's OK with me.

And even if we are voting for "Joy" (which would be a reasonable choice BTW) it would be a vote by the community and not by one single person.

best wishes

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