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Re: Requesting feedback on the creation of a virtual package for icon themes

On 2012-03-05, Fernando Lemos <fernandotcl@gmail.com> wrote:
> Assuming the faenza icon theme does adhere to the fd.o icon naming
> spec, I think there's not much we can do about this. Most likely, the
> DE itself requires icons that are not defined by the standard. This
> virtual package would only benefit packages that depend only on the
> subset of icons defined in the spec.

No. it is not a matter of neither not following the spec. You can have
around 8 icons in your icon theme and be icon spec compliant. It just
makes it virtually impossible for the user to know what to do with the

the standard basically says that 
'if a icon foo-bar-baz-quux is requested' try the following files:

and as long as you just provide a foo.png for all values of foo, then
you icon theme fulfils the spec.

then imagine I use that theme and request foo-bar and foo-bar2 and
foo-bar3 and use them for 3 different actions, and then it is good
enough if the icon theme just has a foo.png, then I get 3 similar icons.

That's not a issue in the desktop environment and also not in the icon
theme, but still it is not a good fit together.


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