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Re: Requesting feedback on the creation of a virtual package for icon themes

On 2012-03-05, Fernando Lemos <fernandotcl@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> After a brief discussion in debian-mentors[1], Paul Wise suggested
> that we might need a virtual package for icon themes that adhere to
> the FreeDesktop.org icon naming spec[2].

In theory, I think it is a great idea, in practice I do se a bit of
issues ...

> The problem I'm trying to solve is that packages currently need to
> express dependency relations on any of a number of icon themes that
> provide the necessary icons. As an example, the package arista depends
> on:
> gnome-icon-theme |
>     gnome-icon-theme-gartoon |
>     gnome-icon-theme-nuovo |
>     gnome-icon-theme-yasis |
>     lxde-icon-theme |
>     moblin-icon-theme |
>     tango-icon-theme |
>     gnome-themes-more |
>     gnome-accessibility-themes
	| oxygen-icon-theme

> More specifically, the advice I'm looking for at the moment is:
> * Does anyone see any problems with using virtual packages for this?

There is a problem with different kinds of completeness of the icon

I tried my KDE Plasma Desktop with the faenza icon theme at once and I
I for many things got the most basic icon where I actually expected
different ones.

> * Suggestions on how we should name the virtual package
> Paul suggested "fd-icon-theme" or "freedesktop-icon-theme". I'm okay
> with either.

fdo-icon-theme or freedesktop-icon-theme


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