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Re: Squeeze Artwork: selection of default theme

On Thu, Nov 11, 2010 at 10:01:39AM +0100, Yves-Alexis Perez wrote:
> I'm not sure the size is relevant for the freeze exception (though it
> might be for inclusion in the first CD), but in any case if the release
> team thinks it's a bad idea, it can be changed.

The release time might take issue, because instead of asking for a freeze
exception in order to change the look and feel of the default desktops, we'd be
asking for a freeze exception to do that, and also package up three non-default
themes, which is an entirely different thing.

In the mean time, I think it's a bad idea, because it forces all desktop users
to install nearly half a dozen themes.  I think we really have to step back and
acknowledge that we *are* in freeze, we should take the freeze rules seriously,
squeeze should be released as soon as possible, and these themes will be
available in the next release (and in squeeze via backports).

> We can remove the previous artwork (at least Etch one) too to gain size,
> though that means dealing with the alternatives removal.

Because we can't package the existing theme in a new package for squeeze,
this would mean that anyone upgrading to squeeze who has chosen to have
the old theme will have it ripped away from underneath them.  So I think we
have to leave the old theme in for squeeze, and move it into an external
package for squeeze+1 (or drop it, if nobody wants to maintain it).

Jon Dowland

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