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Re: Squeeze Artwork: selection of default theme

Hi all,

my vote:

1 - Lisp Machine: original, eye pleasing, very own identity, new
1 bis - Space Fun: red and blue (debian tradition), match Squeeze character, fun :)

I cannot really put Space Fun out of number 1, I am a really great fan of Valessio's Theme (actually, I am StingBL on DeviantArt, the guy of the screenshot proposal that Valessio kindly add to Space Fun page) and for this reason I wrote  "1-bis" for Space Fun, considering it a top choice...but in the end, I think that Lisp Machine would be a more appropriate choice for the long run, it is new, fresh, very original and it gives his own identity to the debian desktop and I think it would be more appreciated for buissness/server use; Space Fun, with stars on the wallpaper and combination of white red and blue, maybe, is less universal and more appropriated for a desktop use.
Finally, I think that the originality of Lisp Machine will let people recognise Debian desktop immediately, giving a personal identity that, IMHO, default Debian desktop quite lacks in previous relase. Although, Space Fun is very original too.

So, I would pick Lisp Machine as default with blue wallpaper and GDM3 special background image (for consistency
 with label and cover artwork)...but both theme, IMHO, really rocks!

Sorry for my bad English

Kind Regards,

Marco Milone

2010/11/6 Roman Khomasuridze <khomasuridze@gmail.com>

1. LispMachine (blue)
2. Ciel

Lisp machine looks very serious and is suitable for any environment, the wallpaper is nice from terms of usability - labels of Desktop icons are well readable etc.

Ciel - also serious and fits any environment, but lacks contrast, desktop labels are hardly readable (at least for my troubled eyes), also it blends with default themes (mainly Clearlooks but also KDE-s oxygen/ozone) what makes it hard to work with during long periods of time


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