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Re: Squeeze Artwork: selection of default theme

Am 06.11.2010 09:08, schrieb Yves-Alexis Perez:
I really like the LispMachine blue variant, it has a very nice
futuristic aspect while having quite some background sense. However, it

Thanks! :-)

might be difficult to integrate since there is no svg version
(obviously). Not sure if that'll be a real problem if we have large
enough original work but still.

My workfile (xcf) is 5804x3869 px /180dpi, with the main round element even a lot bigger than the layer, to guarantee a sharp output.

As the picture is based on a photograph, there is indeed no SVG (except for the CD Cover, wich was made in Inkscape with a background PNG).

I know some people swear on SVG, as this gives them a sort of sourcecode. But I will (and have to, according to the GPL) provide my GIMP source XCF with all layers, properly named, most even reflecting step by step the building of effects. This means many things can be conveniently adapted, changed and redone by anyone who is willing to. This was clear to me before the proposal and I already did this with all my CD artwork for debian yet.


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