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Re: Squeeze Artwork: selection of default theme


my vote:

1. LISP - it's a nice image with a great story. For CD-Cases ect. the colorfull version is great - for themeing & wallpapers a less conspicuous (= blue) version would be better.
2. Ciel - the meanigful background of LISP is unreachable for the others, but it I like the cloudy style :). As Jousselin said: the contrast could be better, at least the swirl needs a little unbluring.

BTW: After submitting my proposal I was a little overstrained with building all the stuff wich is needed - I think people wich create good artwork and great debian packages and know all the themeing related technical details (the debian specifics,too) are damn rare. :)


2010/11/6 Amir Dizdarević <cancivolonter@gmail.com>
I'm voting:

- SpaceFun, BUT

1. I'd like Herr Hansen's CD covers.
2. I don't like SpaceFun's bootsplashes, they just look like an old C64 game :)

Why SpaceFun?

It looks very nice with the Shiki-Brave theme and gnome-brave icons, which are
both in stock Debian. gnome-brave also has Debian branding in it. This doesn't
matter, as they won't be chosen, but still, it makes theming it easier.


On 6 November 2010 11:31, Ulrich Hansen <uhansen@mainz-online.de> wrote:
Am 06.11.2010 10:21, schrieb Yves-Alexis Perez:
On sam., 2010-11-06 at 10:14 +0100, Ulrich Hansen wrote:
I know some people swear on SVG, as this gives them a sort of

It wasn't really about sourcecode, but rather the ease to do
resolution/size modification. With svg it's rather gratuitous, while
with a png we have to ship multiple versions.

It's not really a big deal, just that svg is nice for us :)

That's fine!

I just want to underline that it is a serious matter to me to publish the sourcecode of the artwork. To show that this isn't just talking, I already placed the source (400 MB) of the CD label for download (and the free fonts, I used).

So take a look into the machinery! ;-)


As for the other elements missing: I am working at it right now. I had kind of a late start, as I had the idea for the new squeeze CD artwork in mid october and needed some time to consider if it works as Desktop Artwork as well . But if you look at the progress the theme made since the discussion here, I hope there is no doubt, that I can deliver the rest in the next days.


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