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Bug#503566: desktop-base: Failed to configure splashy theme

On Tue, Oct 28, 2008 at 10:38:15AM -0400, Luis Mondesi wrote:
> Ummm... 
> What happens when users install their own custom themes and modify
> Splashy to use this new theme, then they install a new version of
> Splashy? Will their changes to config.xml be kept?

It should, I guess, yeah. But see below.
> I though /etc/ was supposed to be for configuration files that the local
> sysadmin (end-user) controls and no package should mess with these local
> modifications. Moving config.xml to /usr/share/splashy/config.xml will
> defeat this purpose and allow the file to be changed during upgrades.
> No?

Yes. Then /etc/splashy should *never* have been transformed in a

> We have a few Debian developers on #splashy. Please join us.
Well I'm not splashy maintainer. I may hang out there but…


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