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Bug#503566: desktop-base: Failed to configure splashy theme

On Tue, Oct 28, 2008 at 09:07:13AM -0400, Luis Mondesi wrote:
> Umm....
> There is an RC bug open for Splashy that's really related to uswsusp.
> Tim (maintainer of uswsusp and member of the Splashy theme) is working
> to fix this issue. I'll follow up with him on this.

Well, I closed the RC bug about uswsusp, because I failed to reproduce
it on any machine I had, and the reported said the same.
> I saw your NMU about the other bug. Let me try to straight that out
> today and ask the debian maintainers to upload a fix.

> Now, about splashy_config breaking when /etc/splashy/config.xml does not
> exist, this is the right thing to do because without that
> file /sbin/splashy won't work anyway. Why would somebody remove this
> file from /etc/splashy? Let's see what we can do about this one.

Well, I agree that it should fail if it can't install theme. But in your
case, /etc/splashy is *not* reliable. It can't know if it's a link or a
folder. In your case, if you want to remove /etc/splashy, you should
directly use /usr/share/splasy/config.xml. And you should have moved
conffile from /etc/splashy to /usr/share/splashy and let the folder.


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