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Bug#503566: desktop-base: Failed to configure splashy theme

On Tue, Oct 28, 2008 at 08:43:35PM +0100, Daniel Campos wrote:
> If Splashy package is installed but /etc/splashy/config.xml doesn't exist,
> package installation fails at postinstallation time. The "debian/postinst" file
> of desktop-base package contains the following code:
> if [ -x /sbin/splashy_config ]; then
>     splashy_config --set-theme moreblue-orbit
> fi
> But splashy_config fails with an error code if config.xml doesn't exist, thus
> causing postinstallation process to fail, leaving the package unconfigured.
> I can confirm this situation happens when installing a new system from Debian
> Installer: splashy installed but /etc/splashy/config.xml doesn't exist yet,
> desktop-base tries to be configured and installation fails.

What *exactly* is the starting situation? splashy moved the themes from
/etc/splashy to /usr/share/splashy, replacing it with a symlink, which
brokes other installs, and thus desktop-base. I made the 5.0.2 upload to
fix that, but in already broken situation it won't help. You have to
remove/purge splashy first, upgrade desktop-base, make sure you don't
have anything in /etc/splashy (the folder shouldn't even exist) and then
reinstall splashy. I know it's a pain, but this should have been handled
better from splashy.
> I suggest checking if that file exists or adding a "|| true" command after
> splashy_config to ensure return code is 0

I guess this *should* fail when there is a problem installing the theme


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