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Re: gksu, ktuss and other ways to get root

Yves-Alexis Perez wrote:
On ven, 2008-05-02 at 20:07 +0100, Rob Taylor wrote:
The problem is that not everything/one uses dbus, and software would
need to
be rewritten.
This is true. At least for GNOME this is making good progress
however. KDE also seems to be making some progress in this regard as well. It'd be good (maybe after GNOME 2.26) to keep a list of common apps in collaboration with upstream that aren't using PolicyKit.

Xfce currently uses dbus for some apps (and there's not much apps
needing root anyway).  But not all people want to run dbus in their
desktop (using only a wm and not a complete DE), and may want to use
those apps, needing root access. Too much dependencies may not be that
cool for them.

Umm, are you aware that xorg-xserver-core now depends on libdbus-1-3?...


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