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Re: Debian Desktop Etch+1 - the long road to binoculars.

On 6/28/07, Luis Matos <luis.matos@ua.pt> wrote:
Qua, 2007-06-27 às 23:50 -0300, Gustavo Franco escreveu:
> development (out of scope here) or desktop development tasks? Probably
> you also care about this blog post:

desktop development ...

I have seen that people look at linux and asks ... now, what do i do to
develop something.

That people are not programmers (as in informatics), they are mechanical
engineers, for example, that code in visual basic, C#, C/C++ and not
that much.
If you show to them that they can easily have a development environment,
their perspective changes.
This was a target of a thread in -devel sometime ago.

Hi Luís,

You can start helping with this dropping a task format file into
/usr/share/taskel (realize that in the Packages field you won't use
task-fields but the list of packages itself) containing such desktop
development tasks.

After that you can figure out the best way on how somebody could
install that. synaptic has rudimentar support to install tasks that
could be better. I've some suggestions and should write some patches
for this, but you can invoke it for tests running: 'synaptic

Have fun! ;-)

-- stratus
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