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Re: Debian Desktop Etch+1 - the long road to binoculars.

On 6/27/07, Luis Matos <gass@otiliamatos.ath.cx> wrote:
Just some thoughts ...

Etch artwork is very good !!! i also use it in my laptop.

It could be some kind of configurator (glternatives, for example??) that
could support FULL distro themes.
For example, change from etch theme to lenny theme (?) in splashes, *DM,
Desktop ... it would be fun (?).

Documentation is enough, GUI over the current desktop-base
infrastructure would be a plush, IMHO.

I can give some help on application choosing.

Also, what do you think about development tasks?

development (out of scope here) or desktop development tasks? Probably
you also care about this blog post:

-- stratus
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