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Re: Debian Desktop Etch+1 - the long road to binoculars.

On 6/28/07, Sebastian Heinlein <sebi@glatzor.de> wrote:
Am Mittwoch, den 27.06.2007, 16:55 -0300 schrieb Gustavo Franco:

> * Flash and Java support
> It would be amazing if we could add stable enough: gnash or swfdec
> (flash) and basically gcjwebplugin (java) or maybe something that will
> come out from openjdk.

Asac works on a kind of gnome-plugin-install based on gnome-app-install
for Ubuntu.

Does it install the non-free plugins? If it install the free ones we
can push them directly through the tasks, unfortunately not now since
the upstream code isn't mature enough.

> I've already seen people watching movie trailers from Apple website
> (as I do) using Debian Desktop Etch without considering what was under
> the hood to make that possible. We picked totem mozilla (gecko) based
> browsers plugin with xine backend (packages: totem-mozilla and
> totem-xine). Avoid gstreamer usage was intentional. I would be glad to
> review such a decision, but with proof that we can support more
> formats out of the box (about:plugins is your friend).

Gstreamer improved a lot recently and it does support gnome-vfs.

I'll look into this, but do you know how it compares with the xine
backend actually?

> * Upgrade manager (update-manager)
> I've discussed with kov some of the stuff that can be done to make
> sure Debian Desktop Etch upgrades to Lenny will be easier than
> Sarge->Etch.

I am going to remove the Ubuntu specific parts of the latest
update-manager soon, so that we can update the Debian package.
Furthermore mvo did a great job in providing a dist-upgrade (with
terminal, gtk and qt frontend) tool that is quite flexibel and could be
extended for Debian. Perhaps it is also worth to look at his update unit
tests for Ubuntu.

Sounds good. Are you coordinating with Gustavo Noronha (kov) too ? He
works on the package in Debian as you might now and AFAIK has some
contributions all over the code.

-- stratus
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