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Re: Debian GNU/Linux (kfreebsd anyone?) Lenny Desktop wishlist thread

Dom, 2007-04-15 às 08:43 +0200, Daniel Baumann escreveu:

> > 'live-to-hdd' as in 'the same thing you're running here live on your
> > hd', ubiquity-like, right?
> like ubiquity, yes. ubiquity is nice, but it is not integrated into
> d-i/g-i. actually, we go for something like a d-i/g-i mini version;
> where most parts (e.g. hardware detection, package selection, package
> installation etc.) are skipped, and a new one is added to uncompress the
> squashfs image to the harddisk.
i know you have commented, but ... is g-i/d-i adaptable to be executed
from X?

it would be good if you boot into the live system (gnome for example)
and execute g-i fom the desktop to install it.
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