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Re: Debian GNU/Linux (kfreebsd anyone?) Lenny Desktop wishlist thread

On 4/13/07, Daniel Baumann <daniel@debian.org> wrote:
Gustavo Franco wrote:
> * live! There are live desktop images, but they're not official and
> don't really match the desktop tasks.

except from the breakage since last week wrt/ gdm session, they excately
match the desktop tasks.

Hi Daniel,

That's good to see you here. Would you like to join us at
debian-desktop alioth group? I heard from Sledge that after Etch
release (in place) he (or we) could work on add some established Live
images to cdimage.d.o and announce it through DWN, -news and
times.debian.net (The idea was proposed in -publicity). Thoughts?

Btw, what's the needed work to integrate d-i gtk and/or ubiquity in
the live desktop images for Lenny ? I prefer d-i gtk since it gives
the users full control on what they need to install. In other words
they can boot the live desktop image and install a dns server through
its task.

-- stratus

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