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Debian GNU/Linux (kfreebsd anyone?) Lenny Desktop wishlist thread

Hi list,

First thanks everybody who contributed to Debian Etch Desktop. There's
no doubt that we've raised the bar with this release and of course the
expectations for Lenny.

Lenny general release goals and schedule is (in a way) being discussed
at debian-release. Keep an eye on that. I'm opening this thread to
point out my wishlist in terms of desktop wearing my debian-desktop;
pkg-gnome and tasksel hats. Feedback is needed. ;-)

* Debian Desktop is the sum of important parts: d-i, debian-cd,
tasksel, pkg-gnome, pkg-kde and pkg-xfce were directly or indirectly
involved during the Etch development cycle. I would like to see
pkg-ltsp, XSF and debian live also join us, you will see the reasons

* Xorg "autoconfiguration": Hopefully it will be into the next
upstream release and since Lenny will be released in something like 18
months, we won't need to work hard to push it into.

* Automount known partitions: People dual booting complained to me
that after installing Debian on their desktops/laptops their previous
systems weren't mounted.

* preseeding for the win on key stuff: We need to work on grub
preseeding definitely to at least push the desktop to use stuff like
splashy/usplash and maybe an init replacement like upstart. Keep in
mind that with preseeding support into grub we can do it in a way that
'regular' installs won't be affected, but only fresh Lenny desktop

* cliparts: OpenClipart should be added into the desktop tasks

* debian-moreblue update contest: I would like to setup a contest to a
debian-moreblue update. We don't need something 200% new, but just
people that wants to tweak the theme for Lenny. (btw, thanks Andre for
the work to Etch)

* live! There are live desktop images, but they're not official and
don't really match the desktop tasks.

* ltsp: We need to work to make sure that the installer will contain a
polished ltsp-client-builder udeb and the user will be able to select
"desktop environment" and "thin(fat, whatever) client server" and end
with a system able to provide our desktop environment for these
clients. This is harder than you think due to dhcp and nfs servers
lack of preseeding support. Shame on me, since I'm one of the pkg-ltsp
founders. I'll do my best to prepare patches and send them atached to
the bug reports.

* menu system: The Debian menu system needs to be reviewed for both
GNOME, KDE, Xfce usage and what to do to not break others WMs.

* website and wiki: I need help with wiki articles general cleanup and
website maintenance. The website needs to contain more general
information on how to download and use Debian Desktop, Etch
screenshots (GNOME, KDE and Xfce in action). The wiki should be our
dashboard and contains our todo, wishlists and some more stuff that
can be english-only.

Well, that's it. The rest is basically make sure we're in sync with
the last upstream release where it's possible and with less RC bugs
around testing.

-- stratus

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