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Re: Debian GNU/Linux (kfreebsd anyone?) Lenny Desktop wishlist thread

Gustavo Franco wrote:
> It's good to make sure that Debian Live desktop images matches the
> Debian Desktop users needs.

"debian-live desktop" == "debian desktop"

we use tasksel for the package selection on the desktop images. if you
install debian with d-i/g-i and choose, e.g. kde-desktop, you have the
99.99% exact same system as you have on the live system. why? because
the "live system" is a 'non-live system" plus casper installed, that's
the only difference.

> * More than have voice on the mailing list, rw access our svn being
> able to prepare 'live flavored artwork' based on our debian-moreblue
> update

cenceptially, there shouldn't be live specific artwork in the live
system than it is in debian. why? because *debian*-live is not just yet
another live system, it's debian.

> * Make sure that the set of desktop related packages fit a live user need

in an equality relation, the same from above is also valid in the other
direction: "debian desktop" == "debian-live desktop" :)

as long as you care about tasksel for all debian users, you include "us"

> Yeah, and I thought g-i was on track. Do you think that it will be
> more like "win32 loader" or "ubiquity" in terms of usability ?

i'm not sure if i understand you right.

the "d-i/g-i on the same image" is, from the usability pov, like the
result of win32 loader. you choose at the boot prompt, if you want to
install or if you want to launch the live system

the "d-i/g-i within the system" is, from the usability pov, like
ubiquity, you click on your desktop an icon and it launches starts
d-i/g-i in a terminal/opens a gui application.

> 'live-to-hdd' as in 'the same thing you're running here live on your
> hd', ubiquity-like, right?

like ubiquity, yes. ubiquity is nice, but it is not integrated into
d-i/g-i. actually, we go for something like a d-i/g-i mini version;
where most parts (e.g. hardware detection, package selection, package
installation etc.) are skipped, and a new one is added to uncompress the
squashfs image to the harddisk.

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