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Re: Debian Live now uses tasks

Gustavo Franco wrote:
> That would be better if we've room to include the exact same set of
> packages (kde = kde-desktop, gnome = ..., xfce = ...) +
> openoffice.org, since openoffice.org is already included into the
> desktop task itself.

well, {kde,gnome,xfce}-desktop does not include/depend on desktop, so
i'm adding the desktop task too.

> Is the live-package that built that images into the svn tree? If yes,
> could you point me to the revision that included the 'task support'
> please?

yes, but it's also in sid.

> There's a strong possibility to promote the images as official live
> cds. AFAIK, Sledge was looking on how to setup live-package svn on a
> debian.org machine, once we've the similar set of packages (at least
> the *-desktop tasks) and you sort the build thing out we will be ready
> to go. Thoughts?

he can just install the package from sid and be done with it. it's
really easy.

however, once etch is released, the corresponding live images can be
built within about an hour. for snapshots, i consider atm
live.debian.net as beeing the better location to host them.

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