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Re: [Popcon-developers] data from the past

also sprach Alain Schroeder <alain@debian.org> [2007.02.04.0651 +0000]:
> About the privacy issue: I can fully understand Bill. But imo this
> just bodes down to a security issue, because the LATEST data is
> already always on the debian servers. As long as debian servers
> are secure, the data is secure. I think if the archives would be
> filtered including only packages, that are part of debian, it
> would be ok. But I doubt that data e.g. older than 2 years really
> will be helpful. Doing those above apriori analysis for a (Amazon
> like Suggestion Thingy) is btw not possible using the curred
> archived data - you need the raw submissions.

I realise there is a privacy issue, and I agree with both of your
points. However, I think we're definitely throwing away data that
might well be of great importance at one point in time. It would
help me now, it might help future generations...

Aren't the submissions anonymous anyway? What's the privacy issue if
I cannot infer whose machine a data set is all about?

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