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Re: Debian Live now uses tasks

On 2/7/07, Daniel Baumann <daniel@debian.org> wrote:
Gustavo Franco wrote:
> It's really important that after testing Debian Desktop with a live system the
> user end with the same set of packages if installing it through d-i.

There would be actually some space left to also include
gnome-office/kde-office or openoffice.org.

How important is it actually to have the excately same set of packages
as if installing through d-i, or, may I add the office-suites?

Hi Daniel,

That would be better if we've room to include the exact same set of
packages (kde = kde-desktop, gnome = ..., xfce = ...) +
openoffice.org, since openoffice.org is already included into the
desktop task itself.

Is the live-package that built that images into the svn tree? If yes,
could you point me to the revision that included the 'task support'

There's a strong possibility to promote the images as official live
cds. AFAIK, Sledge was looking on how to setup live-package svn on a
debian.org machine, once we've the similar set of packages (at least
the *-desktop tasks) and you sort the build thing out we will be ready
to go. Thoughts?

-- stratus

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