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Re: Xfce Etch, installation report for desktop

Loïc Minier wrote:
> The default background is controlled by alternatives and I imagine the
> alternatives could be changed or extended by another package such as
> for CDDs; granted these could also change the desktop-base package's
> dependencies as well if they opt for customizing the backgrounds
> shipped by desktop-base.

Yes, CDDs could need to change anything, and yet we still have
dependencies in Debian.

>  Most packages using optionally SVG graphics via Gtk Recommend
>  librsvg2-common (shipping the Gtk module), that's why I opted for the
>  same solution here.

Hmm, gnome-themes doesn't, it depends on it. In fact, the actual numbers
are that 12 packages depend on it, 3 packages recommend it, and 1
package suggests it. Of the recommending packages, eog and nautilus can
optionally use it to display user's svg files, and gtk-smooth-themes
contains several themes, only one of which uses svg files. desktop-base
seems less similar to those than to gnome-themes, gdm, and similar
packages that depend on it since they need to be able to use their svg

>  I don't think it's too dramatic to make that a
>  Depends instead if this is e.g. until tasksel pulls Recommends and to
>  avoid hardcoding this information in the tasksel package.

This would be the only versioned library package to be explicitly listed
in tasksel, so I'd prefer to avoid that.

see shy jo

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