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Re: Gone Wallpaper

> Now i see.
> Andre, why you've changed the .svg so much without prior notice ? We
> had a swirl on top right and now it has a different position and there
> are some minor changes. :(
> I'm going to fix it on svn for 4.0.1, and hope it makes Etch but i
> can't guarantee. Apologies for the inconvenience users. Btw, 4.0.0
> haven't entered Etch, but some changes there should (except the one
> cited above).

i think there is a misunderstanding.

they talk about kde wallpaper we used in previous kdebase

we replaced it in last kdebase by the one provided by desktop-base

i don t know what you have previously in gnome but artwork expected in Etch is

so no change needed. i just want to add 01 complete artwork -> display 
manager/splah/wallpaper as an alternative to 03 set.



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