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Re: Etch Artwork

2006/9/20, Luis Matos <a26652@alunos.mec.ua.pt>:
Qua, 2006-09-20 às 15:29 -0300, André Luiz Rodrigues Ferreira escreveu:
> I think the two environments (GNOME and KDE) must have standardized
> appearance. Same visual identity...
> Clearlooks + Tango Icons are a good option.
> I'm drawing some new themes for etch, based in "blueish" idea.
> Some screenshots:
> 1) GDM theme
> http://cdd.debian-br.org/~si0ux/artwork/debian/01gdm.png
> 2) GNOME Splash Screen
> http://cdd.debian-br.org/~si0ux/artwork/debian/02splash.png
> 3) GNOME Desktop Wallpaper
> http://cdd.debian-br.org/~si0ux/artwork/debian/03gnome.png
> 4) GNOME Menu with Tango and Clearlooks
> http://cdd.debian-br.org/~si0ux/artwork/debian/04gnome-menu.png
> 5) Nautilus with ClearlooksWithaCherry window decoration
> http://cdd.debian-br.org/~si0ux/artwork/debian/05nautilus-window.pn
> I wait opinions...
here they go.

i like this theme more than your first . Thank you for contributing.

I think the bars of the window theme (applet bars) are too dark.

Can you try the swirl with a bit of debian red colour? Just a bit, to
give that debian impression... i think the splash image too grey, that's

Some ideas:

1) GDM:

2) GNOME Splash:

3) GNOME Wallpaper:

Thank you. Oh... and that red close button, can that be debian red?

Best Regards,
Luis Matos

Andre Luiz Rodrigues Ferreira (si0ux) <andrelrf@gmail.com>
Orlandia - SP - Brazil

"O que mais preocupa não é nem o grito dos violentos, dos corruptos,
dos desonestos, dos sem-caráter, dos sem-ética.O que mais preocupa é o
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