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Re: Etch Artwork

On Wed, Sep 20, 2006 at 12:35:48PM -0400, Michael F. Lamb wrote:
> I respectfully disagree. I do not think the default icon set and themes 
> from GNOME and KDE upstream are adequate. I feel the advantages of a 
> "very polished" and uniform look in the default Etch desktop is more 
> important than screenshot consistency or consistency with other 
> distributions.

I wasn't aware you wanted to have a single Icon theme for both KDE and
GNOME. (Ubuntu doesn't have that either, AFAIK)

> Before more deliberation, I must acknowledge that I'm just one opinion 
> out of so many, and a newbie to participating in these discussions, at 
> that. So instead of more blather, perhaps I should simply ask:
>  1. Is there room for debate? Is discussion constructive, or annoying? :-)


>  2. How do these sort of decisions normally get made when there is a 
> difference of opinion?
>  3. In the end, who has the final say?

I guess the GNOME and KDE teams, respectively, should have a strong
voice in this.  We should not overrule their veto of new icon sets or
engine defaults.

> But, I think that if someone *does* come up with a "100% coverage" icon 
> set and a GTK/KDE/GDM/etc theme that is "better" or more "Debian 
> flavored" than the upstream default, it should be not be ignored as a 
> candidate for Debian's default desktop. I think what Ubuntu has done in 
> this regard (orange-coloring some stock icons, Ubuntu logo in the panel) 
> demonstrates the power of a "polished" feel.

OK, but they only changed a select few icons, and did not create a whole
new set AFAIK (On the other hand, Fedora seems to be doing that for
their next release)

> The CC-licensed icons themselves aside, will Etch follow the 
> freedesktop.org icon naming spec and icon theme spec?

I am not sure; again this probably depends on the GNOME and KDE desktops
themselves, and whether the version we will ship with etch does that
upstream.  I am no expert on this, though.


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