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Re: Debian Wallpaper

Paul Wise wrote:

> As a community distro, I'd prefer that Debian represented the community
> (i.e. upstream default themes, perhaps slightly customised to indicate
> debian involvement).

This is exactly what I am suggesting.

> Of course a Debian "branded" theme would be cool
> for those who need that sort of thing. Debblue was an attempt at that
> and it had grub/gdm/gnome and I think kde themes. It was a dark theme
> and some people didn't like it.

I have nothing against Debblue, but it is way too invasive to be used as
a default. We need something that could easily be changed, but would not
cause irritation if you cannot change it (for example, if you do not own
the machine you are working on).

>> It is not very artistic, but I wanted it to be simple and non
>> distracting (and I am also a lousy artist). It is transparent, so it can
>> be used with any desired background color, but looks best on white,
>> gray, or blueish gray - exactly what many desktop environments use by
>> default.
> I like it - nice n simple.

Thank you.

> I doubt themes are what makes a quality operating system :)

No, they do not, but they make you feel more comfortable, especially if
you have just finished your first install find yourself in a totally new
world. Seeing a single familiar item may be all you need to remain sane,
even if the item is a Debian logo on your desktop.

> The way I would like this to work is - have one or multiple
> debian-branding-foo packages that together constitute an "official"[1]
> Debian theme. At install time there would be an option to install the
> branding packages relevant to the tasks you have chosen.

As I have already noted, I am not talking about something invasive. A
single default wallpaper on GNOME and KDE, and some simple Debianish
modification to default themes of login managers may be all we need.

To some degree this is already the case.

> I suggest that you file a wishlist bug against the desktop-base package
> to include this image.

Yes, I am aware of desktop-base. I was going to submit it anyway, but
before doing that, I wanted to know if people are interested in what I
am trying to achieve.

> You may want to work with artists, the debian-installer team to theme up
> d-i and get it to install some debian-branding-X packages that would
> need to be created. I suppose Ubuntu has already done branding
> infrastructure, perhaps that could be borrowed.

I personally think that desktop-base is the way to do it. Branding
infrastructure can be useful for derivatives and CDDs, but this is not
what I currently have in mind.

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