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Re: YaST2 sourcecode downloadable from alioth

El dom, 12-12-2004 a las 17:04 +0100, Mario Fux escribió: 

> (BTW: You don't need to CC: me.)
I know, I usually reply-all to save time and don't delete
the from, sorry. 
> With the source I made it as follows:
> - Upload via ssh (scp).
> - Move it to /org/alioth.debian.org/chroot/ftproot/pub/yast4debian/
> Now I did it in a bit more complicate manner (because I had no read permission 
> on HOWTO-COMPILE on haydn (alioth)):
> - Download and save it localy
> - scp to haydn
> - move it to the ftp directory (see above)
> BTW: It's my first time with alioth too ;-).
Perfect, I just didn't had the time ;-) 

> What is your debian development distribution? I think unstable?
Is a mix between testing and unstable, kde from unstable the rest
(most of) from testing. 
> Well yast2-core compiles. What happens when you execute yast2? Is there a 
> first screenshot available which shows a first success on our side?
The yast2 binary is not in the yast2-core package, it is in the yast2
package. When I was compiling it today it segfaulted when using a binary
from the yast2-core package called 'ycpc'.

After that I found that ycp --help segfaults as well and maybe other 
binaries which I haven't tried yet. May be at the weekend I'll find some
time to go on.

The document I sent is enough for compiling it without many problems,
it could be better, I know, I'll try to write it clearer and complete
it as soon as possible but by now it's enough for getting yast2-core
compiled. If you (Mario) or someone else has the time and feels like it,
try it out and tell us the results.



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