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Re: YaST2 sourcecode downloadable from alioth

Am Freitag, 10. Dezember 2004 12.34 schrieb Ramon Acedo:
> Hi,

Morning Ramon

> As I had some free days this week I could start compiling the source in

Great to hear.

> Debian testing. It was really entertaining ;-) Well, I'm writting a
> document explaining the process, which is everything but easy. Actually
> I haven't been able to compile it all yet because it depends on rpm 4.1
> and in Debian we have 4.0. They use some functions which are only in
> the 4.1 version. Right now I'm compiling the rpm 4.1. I won't have much
> time but at least I know what to do now.

IC. Are you in contact with the debian rpm maintainer?

Do you have an account on alioth that we can commit you changes or the whole 
code to the cvs/svn server on our project site?

> IMO getting rid of the rpm dependency will be the most difficult work,
> at the same time


> For working with dpkg in source code we can either use dpkg harcoded or
> use the ruby dpkg libraries (libdpkg-ruby1.8). Everything done with rpm
> should be possible be done with dpkg.

Would this be another dependency (ruby)?

> I'll let you know my progress.

Thx a lot.

> Cheers,
> Ramon


PS: What do you (and the other) think about a devel-mailing list at alioth?
PPS: What you all think about an IRC meeting to discuss the further work?

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