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Re: YaST2 sourcecode downloadable from alioth

Am Sonntag, 12. Dezember 2004 16.00 schrieb Ramon Acedo:
> Hi,


(BTW: You don't need to CC: me.)

> I have uploaded the compilation instructions to alioth:
> https://alioth.debian.org/download.php/875/HOWTO-COMPILE

Ok, great.

> As this is the very first time I try alioth and today I don't
> have much more time I just uploaded it via the alioth
> admin panel but I wasn't able to upload it to the ftp
> site with the sources. Can you Mario explain the process?

With the source I made it as follows:
- Upload via ssh (scp).
- Move it to /org/alioth.debian.org/chroot/ftproot/pub/yast4debian/

Now I did it in a bit more complicate manner (because I had no read permission 
on HOWTO-COMPILE on haydn (alioth)):
- Download and save it localy
- scp to haydn
- move it to the ftp directory (see above)

BTW: It's my first time with alioth too ;-).

> I would like you to give some feedback to the list on the compilation
> process I suggest in the document.
> Let's keep the discussion here for now as there are more people reading
> who might be interested and when we start to hack then we can switch to
> alioth.

I agree.

> We can go on compiling some yast2 modules as right now there's only
> the yast2-core and some dependencies.


What is your debian development distribution? I think unstable?

Well yast2-core compiles. What happens when you execute yast2? Is there a 
first screenshot available which shows a first success on our side?

> See you!
> Ramon


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