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Re: YaST2 sourcecode downloadable from alioth


I have uploaded the compilation instructions to alioth:

As this is the very first time I try alioth and today I don't
have much more time I just uploaded it via the alioth 
admin panel but I wasn't able to upload it to the ftp
site with the sources. Can you Mario explain the process?

I would like you to give some feedback to the list on the compilation
process I suggest in the document. 

Let's keep the discussion here for now as there are more people reading 
who might be interested and when we start to hack then we can switch to

We can go on compiling some yast2 modules as right now there's only
the yast2-core and some dependencies.

See you!


El vie, 10-12-2004 a las 12:52 +0100, Mario Fux escribió:
> Am Freitag, 10. Dezember 2004 12.34 schrieb Ramon Acedo:
> > Hi,
> Morning Ramon
> > As I had some free days this week I could start compiling the source in
> Great to hear.
> > Debian testing. It was really entertaining ;-) Well, I'm writting a
> > document explaining the process, which is everything but easy. Actually
> > I haven't been able to compile it all yet because it depends on rpm 4.1
> > and in Debian we have 4.0. They use some functions which are only in
> > the 4.1 version. Right now I'm compiling the rpm 4.1. I won't have much
> > time but at least I know what to do now.

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