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Re: YaST2 sourcecode downloadable from alioth

Hi again,
> IC. Are you in contact with the debian rpm maintainer?
Not yet, I was thinking about sending an email to the list devel list as
well. Firstly I'll try to compile the two monsters (rpm and yast2). If 
someone could do it in the meanwhile.
> > For working with dpkg in source code we can either use dpkg harcoded or
> > use the ruby dpkg libraries (libdpkg-ruby1.8). Everything done with rpm
> > should be possible be done with dpkg.
> Would this be another dependency (ruby)?
Well, actually yes that would be introducing some code in ruby which
would make it even harder. Does anyone know if do exist some dpkg
libraries? the ruby idea was just a quick observation, not a
> > I'll let you know my progress.
> Thx a lot.
No problem :-)
> PS: What do you (and the other) think about a devel-mailing list at alioth?
It's ok but I would keep here the discussion and when the project is
started we could switch to debian-devel or to allioth.

> PPS: What you all think about an IRC meeting to discuss the further work?
Good Idea, suggest a date. Better at the weekend for me.


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