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Re: YaST2 sourcecode downloadable from alioth

Am Freitag, 10. Dezember 2004 13.27 schrieb Ramon Acedo:
> Hi again,

Morning too

> > IC. Are you in contact with the debian rpm maintainer?
> Not yet, I was thinking about sending an email to the list devel list as
> well. Firstly I'll try to compile the two monsters (rpm and yast2). If
> someone could do it in the meanwhile.

Ok, I'll contact the rpm maintainer and ask him about rpm 4.1.

> > > For working with dpkg in source code we can either use dpkg harcoded or
> > > use the ruby dpkg libraries (libdpkg-ruby1.8). Everything done with rpm
> > > should be possible be done with dpkg.
> >
> > Would this be another dependency (ruby)?
> Well, actually yes that would be introducing some code in ruby which
> would make it even harder. Does anyone know if do exist some dpkg
> libraries? the ruby idea was just a quick observation, not a
> proposition.

Here is what I found with a quick search on packages.debian.org:


> > PS: What do you (and the other) think about a devel-mailing list at
> > alioth?
> It's ok but I would keep here the discussion and when the project is
> started we could switch to debian-devel or to allioth.

Ok, but I think only alioth is an option because debian-devel isn't thought 
for this.

> > PPS: What you all think about an IRC meeting to discuss the further work?
> Good Idea, suggest a date. Better at the weekend for me.

That's what I prefer too. Here are some suggestions:
- weekend 18-19 december
- weekend 25-26 december
- weekend  1-2  january

What do you (Ramon, Rumen und Jaldhar) think about them?

> Ramon


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