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Re: YaST2 for Debian (aka nYaST)

On пн, 2004-11-22 at 23:52, Mario Fux wrote:
> Am Montag, 22. November 2004 12.32 schrieb Rumen Krasstev:
> Morning once again
Hi Mario,

> BTW: You don't have to CC: me, I'm on the list.

> > > Another question: Is there already source code which we can see?
> >
> > I guess you would be happy of german mirror so here you are:
> > http://www.suse.de/de/private/download/ftp/inland.html
> > your right directory is /i386/9.2/suse/src/ (for example)...
> Oh, we missunderstood. I meant the code you changed (see below). I already 
> downloaded the source code but I'm not the best developer ;-).
There is no so much code, because as I said now the rpm 4.1.1 is my
biggest problem, so we are at the beginning yet. Until the end of this
week I'll revisit my patches and publish them somewhere..

> Did you get in contact with Anibal?
Yes, but during the summer vacations and I guess he didn't answer me
because of that.. So I should write him again.. (these days)

> And wouldn't it be easier (in a long way) to change the rpm stuff to dpkg/apt 
> stuff as you said yourself?
Easier no, because it will require touching of many C++ sources, part of
the core, instead of patching only the autoconf/automake stuff, but
better, because some time in the future it will be necessary - we can't
lie the system at all - I don't think we could build the whole system
(with modules) just with recompilation and some hacks. As you said in
long term we should start a *new* project - I mean this will not be port
of YaST for Debian, it will be new system based of YaST... More and more
every day I understand how big is such task.. In this meaning, we will
need somebody really good with dpkg developing.. I would ask in the
devel list if somebody would like to participate.. Otherwise I'll need
at least 3-4 months to dig into dpkg internals (I'm interested in this
part of this a long time ago, but hadn't enough free time..)

> Is it worth to spend the time with rpm in your opinion?
Yes and no.. For testing what will happens after successfully compilation maybe 
and patching only the simplest scripts will give us quick results, but
in a long term rpm should be removed (in my opinion)..

> >
> > Indeed.. The problem is these modifications are related to the core - so
> > only experienced C/C++ developers can manage these (I can but with this
> > tempo I'll finish after year :(
> I think the other two developers (Jaldhar and Ramon) are good C/C++ 
> programmer.
Good, we will progress much more quickly (I hope) in such case :-)))

> > Note, that every not so simple module (for instance mail server) requires
> > specific knowledge - I mean for some things only experienced administrators
> > (not developers like me) can tell us where is the "under_water_stones"...
> > For example Debian's maintainer of "squid" can help us so much with porting
> > the YaST's "squid" module..
> IC, but these are problems for the future. AIUY we should now concentrate on 
> the core. Let's get to compile YaST2.
I agree completely with you..

> > I will - it is my first priority open source project that, I spend my
> > free time, but we need much more stronger organisation if we want to
> > finish as soon as possible - for instance web site (even simple is
> > enough), mail list, bug tracker, cvs server, etc.. Of course there is
> > SourceForge - but I'm not sure will it be enough?
> IC, that's why I wanted to make an alioth project. Is it ok for you if I set 
> up a project on alioth with all the needed thinks (mailinglist, cvs server, 
> etc.)?
Excellent, I have no experience with configuring GForge (I hear only rumours how hard is to set
such system), but I guess setting just a project on it, is easier, so go
on make a project and I will upload there the pathces that I made..


> PS: Did you get in contact with some people of Novell? See my other mail.
Before 4-5 months.. Without result.. :-/


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