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Re: YaST2 for Debian (aka nYaST)

Hello again,
El lun, 22-11-2004 a las 10:50 +0100, Mario Fux escribió:

> BTW: Are you subscribed to this list (debian-desktop)?
Yes :-)
> >
> > About the hardware I have only i386 machines (a lot of them! :-) I'm not
> > sure if I could get some other stuff, I'd have to ask to the University...
> Only real 386-machines, they are quite slow and first of all for YaST2?
I meant i386 based machines (PIV, Athlons and so on) but any sparc, hppa
ppc... although it may be possible to get one (not sure).
> Hey, you're speaking German ;-).
Ja, es geht :-) I love languages.
> > OK, if you think we can cooperate let me know.
> I do and I hope you're still interested.
Yes I am. 

See you!


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