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Re: YaST2 for Debian (aka nYaST)

Am Mittwoch, 17. November 2004 22.12 schrieb Ramon Acedo:
> Hi there!

Morning too

Sorry for the long delay.

BTW: Are you subscribed to this list (debian-desktop)?

> First of all I would like to introduce myself, I'm finishing my studies in
> computer science (actualy computer engineering) at the Facultat
> d'Informatica de Barcelona. I have been involved in the GNU/Linux world for
> 6 years (if my memory doesn't fail ;-). I'm Linux teacher, sysadmin,
> sometimes develeoper but above all a GNU/Linux fan who loves this world and
> filosofy. I'm also about to start an open source company with some friends
> of mine.

Interesting, thx. Now I think that I have to introduce myself too in another 
mail. See mail "[nyast] Next steps and introduction of myself" ;-).

> OK, this is me, now hands on work:
> To get the grade we make a project of about 600 hours although I have to
> say that some of them (about 150/200) are the "get involved and used to the
> environment time" meaning that with these ones left I have about 400 hours
> (starting in February) to this project. My dedication would be a mean of
> 4/6 hours a day, not bad... hopefully we could have a first pre-release in
> july.

I'm happy to hear from a more technical pov that we have got a chance.

> I also have to say (believe me or not ;-) that before reading your post,
> some weeks ago, I was thinking about the exactly same idea as my project.

I believe.

> Well, as you can see I have huge motivations to get involved seriously into
> this project and as we normaly don't get money for the hours of dedication
> in our projects (I mean the ones  at the University) earning no money for
> them is not a problem ;-)
> About the hardware I have only i386 machines (a lot of them! :-) I'm not
> sure if I could get some other stuff, I'd have to ask to the University...

Only real 386-machines, they are quite slow and first of all for YaST2?

> And if you are interested in my skills check out my cv:
> http://linux-labs.net/ramon

Hey, you're speaking German ;-).

> OK, if you think we can cooperate let me know.

I do and I hope you're still interested.

> Cheers.
> Ramon


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