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Re: fbsplash: introducing fbplash in debian (howto)

> * Go into "super silent" mode where fbsplash/debsplash would NEVER
> show messages no matter what. Well, except perhaps when fsck is
> checking a drive... who knows (for those who don't use XFS, ext3 or
> whatever). In case fsck is going on, then it would be good if we can
> add another progress bar to display this only :-) but hey, this can be
> put in a TODO for later.

Just to be clear --my computer now seems to be "super silent" -- it
doesn't show messages even when fsck is going on (my ext3 partitions are
automatically checked every so-many mounts).

As you say, it would be nice if it did show a special message
saying"checking hard-drive" and perhaps showing a second smaller
progress bar for this process. As is, I often think startup has somehow
"frozen" when fsck is going on and hit F2 to see what's going on.


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