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Re: fbsplash: introducing fbplash in debian (howto)

wow. I'm surprise to know that this works for somebody.
Are you using a 2.6.x kernel? and would you mind pasting your .config
and send it to this thread? (or sending it to me directly)

I'm one of the people working on the fbsplash port to debian. You will
see lots of exciting things in the near future...

What I would like to implement is a way to do "supersilent" mode.
Where fbsplash will NEVER drop to verbose unless the user explicitly
hits ESC or F2. :-) Who cares about those cryptic messages (and those
who do, can always press F2). Of course, this will be in addition to
regular "silent" and "verbose" already in the fbsplash patch.

On Thu, 28 Oct 2004 15:58:08 -0400, Thomas Mills Hinkle
<thinkle@parker.org> wrote:
> > Does it happen to everybody?
> No -- it doesn't happen to me.
> I patched my own kernel (similar reasons) and used the splashutils
> package and get a normal "silent" mode with a progress bar. F2 switches
> out of it. There is, however, no way that I know of to switch back to
> silent once I've been in verbose mode.
> Tom
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