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Re: fbsplash: introducing fbplash in debian (howto)

On Fri, 29 Oct 2004 21:57:53 +0100, Glyn Tebbutt
<plastic_d3c3it@yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> On Thu, 2004-10-28 at 23:07 -0400, Luis M wrote:
> > wow. I'm surprise to know that this works for somebody.
> Sorry to blow my own horn but yea i've had it working for months,
> without a problem :) Using my shitty deb as well heh

I'm using your "shitty" deb and it works fine (for months also). I
have since fixed the control file so that it uses cdbs to build splash
utils and kernel patch. However, at the moment the svn is down :-)
(you should jump more often in #debsplash; whenever you fine time)

> tbh, i never use silent lol, as i pefer to see whats going on but each
> there own:)
> Config attached

Well, I only care about people who actually have "silent" mode
working. It seems that the reason some computers jump out of silent
mode is because some kernel modules flag some alerts/warnings for
whatever reason (usually not real emergencies; or not something that
regular, mere mortals should care to read). I know power users could
care less about silent mode. For the rest of us, there is a bootlogd
that logs all boot messages to /var/log/boot. In case there are needed
later. So for mere mortals the ideal Debian Desktop should be able to:

* Go into "super silent" mode where fbsplash/debsplash would NEVER
show messages no matter what. Well, except perhaps when fsck is
checking a drive... who knows (for those who don't use XFS, ext3 or
whatever). In case fsck is going on, then it would be good if we can
add another progress bar to display this only :-) but hey, this can be
put in a TODO for later. And of course the F2 key to dump the whole
thing to verbose should be an option (as sometimes some processes
would stop the whole boot rc waiting for whatever. This happens to me
when some USB drivers are being automatically loaded (cpia-usb) with
the current vanilla kernel and module tools from Sarge).

* Enable bootlogd and make it clear that all messages are being logged
there (perhaps a message that flashes through the screen during early
boot in graphical mode). (it would be cooler if this message fades in
and fades out)

* And of course, the progress bar has to work. or else you get no
sense of "something" happening.

These are my own personal goals of course. I'm even putting time to do
my own Debian-based CDs once we have debsplash working (currently in
progress). I'll call this kiskeyix (and even have the domain for it:
kiskeyix.org, which needs a website).

In any case, for those willing to help out in this process. Be it
debugging, coding, documentation or whatever is needed. You are more
than welcome to jump into #debsplash channel in irc.freenode.net.
Besides me, there are at least 2 other people there. So, we are small
for now :-) (and need a ton of help).

The goal is to get this working with progressbar and all the initrc
stuff needed. Hopefully we won't need to patch any Debian inirc
scripts (like it used to be the case with buggy bootsplash).

Oh, and for those who got bootsplash to work my advise: dump it and
jump into debsplash. I could never see any other GPL'ed project so
buggy and so careless as bootsplash is. Perhaps because there are a
lot of "comercially oriented" people behind it (SuSe et al). So, the
patches work for their distros but are a pain to get to work for
vanilla kernels. Remember that gensplash (gentoo) started as a port of
bootsplash. And we are taking this almost "as-is" and debianizing it;
whatever we do to it will be passed on upstream (they are working
closely with us). gensplash code and build system is UGLY. I'm doing
my best to use -dev packages from Debian and clean up the code as much
as possible.

Luis M
System Administrator

"We think basically you watch television to turn your brain off, and
you work on your computer when you want to turn your brain on" --
Steve Jobs in an interview for MacWorld Magazine 2004-Feb

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