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Re: Yoper and DDD performance

> Interesting, I feel tempted to try it myself. Maybe it's the kernel? :)
If you got some time please do - it's probably a lot more helpfull if an 
experience developer can comment on this than just a user's impressions.

> You should try prelinking your Debian system and document the effect.
I kinda tried this before with my current Munjoy installation using "prelink 
--all", but I'm not so sure if it worked because i got some errors. And 
didn't really 'benchmark'. But I will try again for sure.
Having read abit through the yoper forums I come to believe that besides 
prelink the most noticable effect seems to be due to the kernel patches by 
Con Kolivas - I don't know exactly which of the patches are included. Maybe 
it's the whole patchset he provides.

Posted by user "yoper" in a thread about loosing performance when compiling 
software yourself:
"Speed will be fine since prelinking is run every night via a cronjob
As long as you base your own kernels on our kernel-source (which contains the 
con kolivas patches) your speed will not suffer."

> I'm using an environment in Debian that reassembles the one shipped with
> Yoper (but without a special kernel) and I can't complain even a little
> about the performance.
I would not have complained before either. There is nothing wrong with the 
performance of my Debian isntallation.. at least there was nothing wrong ;)
It's just that right now Yoper feels so much faster for me that I consider 
leaving it on my main (desktop) machine for now and see what happens.
Maybe your debian system is better optimized so you won't feel too much 
difference - not sure.

> There is not a lot in DDD to involved in ATM except dcontrol... It's more
> of a springboard to other projects IMHO. I'm actually more involved in
> Kalyxo[0] - an attempt to bring KDE and Debian closer together.
Cool, I think Kalyxo is a great project and holds much promise. Couldn't live 
withouth the akregator and amarok packages anymore ;)
Good to see that there actually are people interested in a nice and consistent 
Debian KDE desktop on this list - one thing that I wondered is how DDD will 
compare to pure KDE based distributions that focus on integrating everything 
into the KDE desktop as well as possible - with guys from Kalyxo around I 
have no doubts there anymore :)

> > I'm just reading through debiandesktop.org - nice to see more information
> > available to the broader public, though now that I see the relationship
> > between "desktop" and the rest of Debian specific desktop packages seem
> > even more unlikely.
> Sorry, I don't understand this. Would you care to eloborate?

Sure - if all I can do is talk to make Debian better you bet I will ;)

What I meant was that before I read through debiandesktop.org I was unsure how 
the "desktop"-tree of Debian will be handled.
Now I understand that this will basically be "testing" with packages from 
"unstable" coming in a bit faster. This means that all of the packages will 
be i386 and ppc - no i686 packages, since the packages will be "pure 
debian" (ok, DDD will be that too in the end).

Before that, I thought there would be packages build specifically for DDD - so 
that building those with i686 in mind would have been possible.

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