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Yoper and DDD performance

Hello everyone,

the recent news [1] about a Yoper review [2] at slashdot made me wonder... is 
this faster-than-usual underdog something that could give DDD some 

While I would have thought some, if not most Debian Developers would probably 
not take Yoper very seriously, the fact that there is interest big enough to 
make the average slashdot geek care about it I'm not so sure anymore.

I am by no means an expert ... actually I'm pretty much your average new user 
looking for the distribution that suits him (ok, then again I've been 
"looking" for some years now), but as a simple user I really feel a 
difference when comparing Yoper to other pre-compiled distributions.
I can't really comment on something like Gentoo, since I never had the 
intention to use something like it - but since  DDD is a Debian project I 
think Yoper showed there is much room to improve upon perfomance wise.

Not that Debian is slow compared to almost all of the other pre-compiled 
distributions out there... but Yoper's speed (at least what you 'feel') seems 
to be THE selling point today.

Wouldn't it be possible to integrate some of this into the desktop branch of 
Debian? I mean to compile packages (not necessarily _everything_ that's in 
debian) for i686, use prelinking out of the box and so on (see [3])?

Maybe the i686 idea will not be taken seriously because the intention is to 
support any system including Pentium 1 and other 586er - I don't know. From 
what I can tell there are still the i386 packages for older machines and it 
would be ok to leave those with pure Debian. as their requirements would be 
different from todays standard KDE/GNOME desktops DDD will focus on.

I'm not that a big fan of Yoper and really want to stick with some kind of 
Debian (have been using MEPIS and Munjoy [4] mostly lately) but for now I 
think "Your Operating System" (stupid name btw) might stay on my disk.
I would just sleep a lot better if I knew my beloved Debian would come near 
this performance wise soon.

Maybe this has already been discussed - if so I'm sorry but I couldn't find 
all that much information yet. I will go through the earlier mailing-list 
messages again if it has - sorry then.

[1] http://linux.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=04/09/13/222228&tid=190&tid=106
[2] http://www.linuxforums.org/news/article-24256.html
[3] http://www.yoper.com/forum2/index.php?showtopic=1010
[4] http://www.munjoylinux.org

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