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Re: can we find a Debian solution for Bootsplash?

Luis M:
> I agree with the quiet option, however some of us don't use initrd-
> enabled kernels at all.  Maybe a better solution would be to enable
> "quiet" mode in the kernel and have some rcS.d script with a very
> early number "S01whatever" and have that script run something that
> builts some kind of framework for people to put their own splash
> images (a la bootsplash).

That's what rhgb does. If booted with "quiet", that would mean that
there would be no feedback during some time, which might be confusing.

But we could have both: if initramfs support is available, you get an
early boot splash, if you don't, boot splash initialisation is delayed
until the init script gets a chance to run. I don't see any problems
with that.

> I have had too many problems with initrd in the past, so I tend to
> compile my kernels without that option. Things run very smooth for me.
> But then again maybe I misunderstood Per because I don't really know
> what he means by "initramfs".

initramfs, also known as "early userspace", is similar to initrd but
is initialised much earlier. It's supposed to move initialisation
stuff (like bootsplash) out of the kernel. See [1] for a description.

[1] http://lwn.net/Articles/14776/


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